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Why I Color

Coloring helped me overcome anxiety and panic attacks. Since I started coloring, I believe I have developed superpowers. I know that you probably don’t believe me, but read on and I’ll tell you what happened.

My story starts a few years ago, when I realized I was broke.

When I looked at the balance in my bank account and saw it was almost empty, I realized that I was in trouble. I had nothing in there and yet my bills were still due. I had run out of my savings and I had no income to replace it. I couldn’t pay my bills and I was in big trouble!

You see, I had been living off my savings for the last few years. Before that, I had owned a very profitable business so I was able to build a nice savings. But, while running that business, I developed a pretty severe anxiety disorder. I was on medication that made me feel terrible. I was so disconnected from my own feelings that I felt like a robot. I had to quit taking that medication.

But that meant my anxiety symptoms would be back, with the terrible panic attacks that came with them. Life sucked! I had to figure out something. So, I decided that I had to quit my business, hoping my anxiety would go away when I did. The business is why I had anxiety, right? So if I didn’t have my business, I wouldn’t have anxiety anymore. It seemed logical to me at the time and so I did.

Unfortunately, I was wrong.

I walked away from my business, let it just crash down. But I still had anxiety. I had no business, no job, no income, and nothing to do with my time. And I still had anxiety!! I had no idea what to do now.

I didn’t want to start another business. I didn’t want to work for anyone else. Lucky for me, I had saved some money so at least I didn’t have to worry about getting the money to pay my bills. But otherwise, I was a wreck at this time. My anxiety was ruling my life!

I knew I had to do something to fix this or things might get really bad.

So, I worked hard to improve my diet and add in a real exercise habit. This helped a lot, but it wasn’t enough. My overall anxiety was improving (along with my energy levels and how my clothes fit me), but I would still get panic attacks and have those days when I felt like I couldn’t breathe. Worse, I was still unfocused and not able to figure out what I wanted to do with my life.

Diet and exercise alone were not enough to get me going again. I needed to try something else.

I decided to try meditation. I had read quite a bit about how it helped other people and I thought this might be the exact thing I needed to get everything else in my life back on track. You know what I found out?

Meditating is hard!!

I found it difficult to meditate, trying to clear my mind of thoughts (this is not meditating by the way), or counting my breaths, but I just couldn’t get this habit rolling. I didn’t want to meditate because I thought I was doing it wrong and it wasn’t helping me.

Then I read an article that talked about coloring as meditation and how this adult coloring craze was exploding. I researched it some more and thought maybe coloring would help me get this meditation thing going.

So I printed a coloring page, grabbed my Sharpies, and sat down to color. I did this for a little while at first because my hand would start to hurt. I wasn’t used to the coloring motion! But I kept at it, a little bit every day. And after several days of coloring, I finished my first mandala pattern page. I thought it looked pretty good, and I actually started to really enjoy coloring it.

Creativity upgrade from coloring
I also noticed that during this time, I would start to dream about my future.

I would use the time while coloring to ponder what I wanted to do with my life. What work did I want to do? Did I want to start another business? What should that business be?

I would then answer these questions while I was coloring and soon, a plan started to form in my mind. I knew the way forward, and I could think about it without any panic attacks, or really even feeling anxious. Maybe I was cured?

I don’t know if you can ever be cured of anxiety, but I know that I feel a lot better. I haven’t had a panic attack in months. I was able to start a new business that is now paying my bills again. Things really turned around for me. But there was a bonus from the meditative effects I was experiencing from coloring.

My focus was like a laser. I could sit down and work on my business for hours without losing energy or drive. I was able to make a ton of progress in those focused working bursts. This is a direct result of meditation from coloring.

I also had a nasty habit of yelling at traffic whenever I would drive. It was awful and I hated doing it, but I could never seem to stop. Now, I can say that I don’t yell at traffic (well there is an occasional outburst, but hey who’s perfect lol).

I tell you this story so you understand why I believe in coloring and why I think you should consider adding this wonderful, creative, and fun activity to your daily life.

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Maybe it is just the thing you need to get your life moving in the direction you want it to go (if that’s what you need). 

Or maybe it will help you focus on your goals with an intensity that you never had before. 

Or maybe it will help you figure out what your goals are. 

Regardless of where you are in life, the meditative effect of coloring intricate patterns & designs will help you gain your own super powers.
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