Keeping a journal is an excellent way to get to know yourself.  I know for me, it helps me explore what I’m feeling and why.  I can dream and plan and think things through in a private, safe place.

A planner has been my life saver on more than one occasion, especially when I get extra busy with projects and work and other commitments. I sometimes don’t know what I would do with one as well!

Victoria and I have been working on putting together new planner and journal pages that you can download and print as you need them. There are a lot of pages to help you stay organized – keep track of your fitness routine, your monthly bills, your to do lists, your week, and more.

There are pages that you can write your thoughts and dreams and there are pages to color and exercise your mind.

Use them to keep your stress low, your life on track and your mind sharp!

Check out the pages below:

November 2019 Journal Planner coloring activity book

Journal Pages

November 2019 my thought daily planner page colored

My Thoughts Daily Journal Page

Use this page to record your thoughts for the day.  Color it in to reflect your feelings for the day.  Print as many as you need for the month.

November 2019 my thought daily planner page
Weekly journal page November colored

Weekly Journal Page

Use this page to record your weekly ebb and flow – how were you feeling?  What were your highs and lows of the week?  What needs to be captured for your memories?

Weekly journal page November blank
Gratitude journal page November colored

Gratitude Page

Keeping a gratitude journal is a proven method for increasing the level of our daily happiness.  It’s impossible to feel any negative emotions when you are always grateful.

Gratitude journal page November blank

Planner Pages

Monthly bills tracking planner page November

Monthly  Bills Tracker

Staying on top of your monthly bills is not always easy.  Use this planner page to easily keep track of all of them in one place.  Color code each bill and write it on the date it’s due.  See what is owed and when at a glance.

Blank monthly bills tracking planner page for November
November fitness tracker colored

Monthly Fitness Tracker

Our only real wealth is our health and staying fit is extremely important to our health.  Keep track of your fitness levels with our fitness tracker.  Just note the days you work out each week and what you did so you know you are healthy.

November fitness tracker blank
November coloring calendar colored

Monthly Coloring Calendar

Quick, at-a-glance management of your monthly appointments on this fun calendar that you can also color in.  Express creative side, set a theme for the month and get ready to go!

November coloring calendar blank
November to do list colored

Weekly To Do List

Stay on top of your weekly to do list with this fun planner page.  Every week, you can use it to write in what you are doing or what you got done for that day.  Look back and see your productivity shine through!

November to do list blank
November weekly meal planner colored

Weekly Meal Planner

Plan out your meals for the week and build your grocery list based on  your plan.  Take it with you to the supermarket so you don’t forget any of the crucial ingredients you need to make those delicious meals.

November weekly meal planner blank

Coloring Pages

November planner journal coloring page
November planner journal coloring page
November planner journal coloring page
November planner journal coloring page
November planner journal coloring page
November planner journal coloring page
November planner journal coloring page
November planner journal coloring page
November planner journal coloring page
November planner journal coloring page
November planner journal coloring page
November planner journal coloring quote page

Also included in each planner journal:

  • 5 Sudoku puzzles – mixed styles

  • 5 Mazes – mixed styles

  • 5 Word Search puzzles

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We are proud to introduce our new Planner Journal Club.  Every month, we will release a new book that will have all the planner and journal pages you need, drawn with a theme to match the month.  This month is the theme Welcome Fall and next month we will do one focused on our favorite fall holiday – Halloween!

We will release each new month on the 20th of the previous month.  That means we will release the upcoming book for October on September 20th.  That way, you have plenty of time to download and print it and then color it in so it’s ready for the coming month.

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As an introductory offer, we are giving you the current November Planner Journal – the Thanksgiving theme – for free.  As an added bonus, our first 100 members will get half off the club price.  Join right now and you will get all the pages above, and a new book every month, for just $5 per month!

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November 2019 Planner Journal

Our customers LOVE the Planner Journals

I am looking forward to future issues of the journal! I even purchased a notebook to hold all my journal pages! I love it and am so pleased I joined! Thank you again so very much! 😍

Mrs. F.

I love it! I feel so organized now and I wont be late for any of my bills! Im actually early! And I have fun with the puzxles and word searches and coloring which is my favorite thing to do to relax! Thank you again for this wonderful planner!


I don’t journal but ID LOVE TO TRY and your idea to create a journal that we can color in ourselves is AMAZING idea. Love it!!! I would definitely look into something like that to get me started.  I love this idea you came up with, love everything about it!!!


I love it! It has so much to do in a journal planner! Its great! Thank you so very much! Can’t wait to get started!