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Here are the first 12 coloring book releases:
  • Affirm Your Zen #1 coloring book
  • Wild Garden Mandalas coloring book
  • Streamline Zen #1 coloring book
  • Bags & Bows coloring book
  • Mandala Love #1 coloring book
  • Color to Calm #1 coloring book
  • Coloring with Coffee coloring book
  • Mandala Mastery #1 coloring book
  • Geometric Doodles #1 coloring book
  • Flowers & Pattern Pots coloring book
  • Snowflakes #1 coloring book
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Easy Mandalas #1 coloring book

Easy Mandalas #1

Featuring 35 coloring pages of mandalas with less lines and more open space. Use these to express your creativity through colorful shading techniques. Let your color choice be your design, while the mandala fades to the background like a frame. Download & print today!

Free with membership!
Wine & Garden Zen coloring book

Wine & Garden Zen

Add coloring to your alone time in the garden with your wine glass to really reach a state of peace & tranquility. And if you don’t have wine or a garden, these 35 coloring pages will take you there. Download, print, and start coloring!

Free with membership!
Bold Patterns #1 coloring book

Bold Patterns #1

Featuring 35 bold patterns with thick-lined designs that are easy to color and will put you in the zone of mindfulness, peace and zen. Bring your colors to life in each pattern page. Download, print and start coloring!

Free with membership!
Insanely Intricate coloring book

Insanely Intricate

The focus that comes from concentrating on coloring in very detailed and intricate patterns is the same as the focus you try to build while meditating and it gives you the same health and mental benefits! Download, print and start coloring to reach zen mindfulness!

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I want four free coloring books!
Download & print coloring pages on demand

Download & Print On Demand

As a member of Zen Coloring Club, you get a new coloring book every week that you can print out any time the mood to color hits you. Your books are stored on your member’s only page to download again and again. You must have a printer.
All the books in the Zen Coloring Club are download only.  You must have a printer!

Join the Zen Coloring Club and get the Winter Fun coloring activity book FREE!

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The Winter Fun coloring activity book includes:

26 winter scene coloring pages
8 winter quote coloring pages
10 winter mandala coloring pages
5 mixed Sudoku puzzles with solutions
5 mixed mazes with solutions
5 word search puzzles with solutions
5 winter stationary pages
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These pages are a great way to pass time while in the doctor’s office. My doctor laughs at me All the time. I told him he should try it. Sometimes it can be really relaxing. Lol


This is the second coloring book club I have joined and I like it much better than the first. I ended up quitting because the images were so bad, half of them I would never color. So Kudos for nice images.


Since joining this coloring club I have colored every day. I really like the books and the pages. Looking forward with excitement to my next book. Thank you so much!!!

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